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Thanks for taking some time to chat with From the Green Room

      Mark: Thanks for having us.

Darren: Thank you for talking with us.

  1. What’s the name of the band?

M: River Knight.

D: My name’s Darren Knight, he’s Mark Stone River, together we are River Knight.

M: We put a lot of thought into that hahaha. We were just lucky it sounded OK.

  1. Where are you from?

D: I’m from Southampton originally, but now I’m living in Bournemouth. They’re both coastal towns in England.

M: And I’m still in Southampton.

  1. What type of music do you play?

M: Hard to pinpoint really. We just write songs but I suppose we kinda call it Acoustic Indie Rock Pop Folk. We kind of fit under those labels, but at the same time we don’t fit under any of them specifically.

D: We write together on an acoustic guitar, so our songs always start life as acoustic harmony songs but when we record them they find their own way.

M: And we have friends play on on our songs when we record them to give them a slightly different edge, or to portray the story in a stronger way.

D: Yeah, we’ve had someone play electric guitar on a song, and harmonica on another. We’ve had guest vocals, like a female voice on a couple of songs and a rapper on another. We’ve even had a guest drummer on a couple.

  1. Introduce yourselves to the readers and tell us what you do in the band?

M: My name is Mark Stone River and you can refer to me in any combination of those names. I’m the main vocalist, main lyric writer and sometime music writer.

D: I’m Darren Knight. I’m the harmony guy and main guitarist. The songs are mostly my chord progressions, but I also write the odd lyric here and there too.

  1. This is probably a common question but one that most want to know, what musical influences did you have growing up, and what are some now?

M: Growing up I was listening to metal and rock. From fast stuff to slow, as long as it had distorted guitars – Maiden, GnR, Motorhead, Pearl Jam. Although I did used to listen to some of my mum’s old vinyl – Pink Floyd, Quo, Deep Purple, David Bowie, The Stones. Now, I listen to whatever I think sounds good regardless of the musical style

D: I grew up listening to my dad’s old Beatles records. Sounds like a cliche but it’s true.

  1. Have you always been into music? Was it something that just came to you naturally?

D: Oh yeah. As well as my dads records, he had a guitar that he never used so I picked it up and started teaching myself to play.

M: Totally came naturally. At first I wanted to be a bass player, but then I was asked to sing and I never looked back.

  1. What can we expect from the band in the rest of 2022 and beyond into 2023?

M: Not much of 2022 left, but we do have a brand new single coming out on the 16th December. It’s called Unsprung and it’s about fixing something that’s broken, or finding your soulmate.

D: We’re applying for festivals now, so hopefully we’ll have a lot of those to attend. We have a couple lined up already, but if anyone out there like what they hear and wants us to play at a festival near them, petition it and we’ll be there like a shot.

M: We love a festival.

  1. For someone who wants to know more about the band, where can they find you at? And where can they find your music?

M: Pretty much everywhere, but we did have distribution problems and had to change distributors and since then Apple has become a bit of a problem. But it’s everywhere else…

D: Spotify, Amazon, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp. We’re all over the place, please guys check us out and give us a follow and some likes, you wouldn’t believe how much it helps.

M: If you use the hashtag #rkgrow on any of the socials you should find content from us and links to our main pages.

D: We have a website too – https://riverknight.co.uk/ – Where you can sign up to our sporadic newsletter. Oh, and our username on most platforms is @riverknight2018

  1. Let’s answer some fun questions, what is your all time favorite band?

M: So tough to answer because I kind of have different favourites at different times of my life. Iron Maiden were my favourite for a long long time, but then Guns n’ Roses have been my favourite, Pearl Jam have been my favourite, Alice in Chains have been my favourite. Right now, River Knight are my favourite hahaha.

D: Well, as already mentioned The Beatles played a big part in my life, and I can’t mention The Beatles without mentioning Oasis. Joni Mitchell has been a favourite too, but then I’ll always have a soft spot for Elbow.

  1. If you could tour with any band and open or have them open for you, who would you choose?

M: Um, as they’re back to the (almost) original line-up I think we could warm up for GnR. That’d be cool.

D: We could open for Noel Gallagher, hopefully get to know him and maybe write a tune together.

Thanks for chatting with me From the Green Room and look forward to chatting again in the future.

M: It’s been an absolute pleasure.

D: Thanks for having us. Until the next time.







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